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Literacy Lift Off

Literacy Lift Off is a whole class literacy initiative  which aims to boost literacy levels and give pupils lots of opportunity to read books at their level of competency. It involves the class teacher and members of the SET team working together in the classroom for an 8 week intervention. The children are split into 4 groups based on a Pre Intervention reading Assessment using the PM Benchmark Toolkit. Literacy Lift Off occurs 3 days a week and the children participate in 4 ten minute stations each day.

Station 1: Familiar reading(Teacher station)

Pupils read previously seen PM+ readers for enjoyment and to develop fluency, comprehension and speed. They discuss what they liked and disliked about the story and answer questions on the text.

Station 2: Word Work (Teacher Station)

Pupils use magnetic letters, markers and mini whiteboards to make and break words. They also play games to work on their phonics and phonological awareness in this station.

Station 3: Writing (Independent station)

Pupils complete a written task decided by teacher; this can include phonics work,  free writing or working on sentence structure

Station 4: New Reading (Teacher Station)

Pupils get a new PM+ book each day of Literacy Lift Off. They discuss the title, plot and new vocabulary with the others in the group and each child gets an opportunity to read aloud.

To support your child in this process we ask you to-

  • Listen to your child reading a familiar book (a book already read in class) each evening.
  • Ask questions about the story and characters.
  • Encourage your child to be a word detective and find certain words.
  • Help them identify new and tricky words.
  • Encourage and praise your child.


Other activities include

  • Science week
  • Garden Fete
  • Book fair held during book week
  • Seachtain Na gaeilge 
  • Community involvement with visits to local nursing home each christmas to sing christmas carols 
  • Science week 
  • Cycle training for the 4th class each year, teaching them the rules of the road when cycling. 
  • School concerts held every year on our school stage. 
  • STEM-
  • Scriobh leabhar 
  • Biz World 
  • National Park Energy talk
  • Internet safety talks
  • Religious sacraments